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Dear Brother & Sisters,

Greetings to you in Holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Shekhawatiasha.com.

Shekhawati Masih Simiti and Rajasthan Initiative took initial step for allocate our God love in Shekhawati language for Shekhawati People. Whereby spiritual growth become in local people and God bless to Shekhawati. Our aim is glorify to God in Shekhawati with all Shekhawati Pastors and Churches through Scripture Engagement Program which in Bible translation, Songs etc. as like work which related to living God's word and beneficial to Shekhawati community. We hope that you grow and bless in spiritual life as you using these contents. We need your help and suggestion to grow this ministry. You can send your message and suggestions on our contact address and help us. Thanks!


We are doing Bible translation in Shekhawati language by trained translator 


We conduct ethiunomusiclogy workshop for making christian songs in local cultural form with the help of local community.


We conduct storying workshop for local churches and teach them how to use God words in cultural story form.