History of Shekhawati


Shekhawati region of north east Rajasthan has too many villages and towns. The geographical boundries spread through out today's Jhunjhunu, Sikar and Churu districts. In vikram sanwat 1423 Uday karan the king of kachuwa's descent became the king of Amer and Shekhawat, Naruka and Rajawat named tribes came out through his sons. Balaji the third son of Uday karan was the very first ancestor of shekhawats. They had estate of twelve villages of Barwada. Balaji had a son Mokal ji and in vikram shanwat 1490 Mokal ji had a son Mahrav shekh ji. He was the originator of Shekhawati and descent of shekhawat. King Raysal, Raw shiv singh, shardul singh, Bhojraj, Sujan singh like these warriors put the foundation of a freed shekhawat kingdom. And Bthot, thakur of patoth dungar singh, Jwahr singh shekhawat blew the trumpet of freedom in shekhawati by starting the battle against British.


Sikar Tikana was the part of Jaipur province from onwards the time of kings and rulers. Sikar was settled by Raw daulat singh aroung 1687 where the fort of Sikar city is located. That time it was known as the veer Bhan ka Bas. Laxman ghar, fatehpur shekhawati and other towns are famous because of big and beautiful buildings. They are also known as the name of open art gallery.  This district is the mother land of too many famous businessman. The businessman of shekhawati contributed in order to Improving Indian economy. It is the mother land of famous businessman like Bajaj, Goyanka, Modi families. Dug ji Jwahr ji one who stated revival awareness of people was from bthoth patoda of Sikar. Lothiya Jat and karna Bhill were the fellow companion dungr ji jawahr ji. Tantya tope got shelter here only during The Revolution of 1857. Sheth Jamanna lal is the one who famous as the fifth son of Gandhi ji (kashi ka bas) was the native of this districts.

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